Graduate school portfolio how to choose 20 images

This is my first time applying to a school in the US.
Two fo the graduate programs are asking me to upload 20 images for my portfolio.

This is where I’m getting confused.
Should I pick 20 images/pages from all the 6 projects that I have? I’m afraid I won’t be able show a lot of details
Or is it better to pick the 20 images from fewer projects(say 2 or 3), and have a better flow?

I don’t have enough time to rearrange my portfolio so it fits within 20 images…

Could you give me some advice?

If you have six projects, and you need a max of 20 images, that’s a little over three pages per project. IMHO, one should be able to distill any project, no matter the scope, down to three pages. Maybe even two pages.

To be honest, if I’m looking at a portfolio, I start skimming after about the third page of a project.

In a perfect world, a viewer would sit down and absorb our projects patiently with full attention. But that’s not how it works; an admissions person may have thousands of applications to get through, or an employer might have hundreds of portfolios to screen. Succinctness is vital…

So we’ve got like ten minutes of someone’s attention, maximum. Do we want them to see our whole portfolio in that time, or do we want them to have to start skipping stuff, or maybe not even get to the end of our folio?

I wouldnt choose to many pics from the SAME porject. It migh become boring and not informative enough. It is better to have some different projects to show the own skills, IMHO :smiley:

Show one of your two best projects first, go more in depth (4-6 pages) since people will have more stamina and focus at the beginning. Then do a few other projects 2-3 pages, maybe some that are one page, and end with the other of your two best projects, no more than 3 pages.

Variety in length is good. It helps to have those short projects in the middle to increase interest as viewer attention span starts to wane.

Also, it’s better to not show something if your intuition tells you it won’t help but will probably hurt your cause. If you don’t have a ton of projects, you might even consider showing less than the maxium page count. Your conciseness would be extremely endearing to busy reviewers, as well.

No need to redo your portfolio, just pick the best pages, put them together in a pdf and speak to them.