Graduate School- Background in Glass


When I was applying for undergraduate programs I feel like I was a bit immature and chose to stay close to home at a state university- one where ID wasn’t offered even though it was what I felt like I wanted to do. I ended up in computer science and then after my first year I transferred into the school of art.

Right now I have one more year left, including my BFA show. I kicked ass to get to where i am by taking tons of summer classes. My concentration is in Glass, though I have taken a wide range of courses outside this specific concentration.

I am literally kicking myself for not going into ID to begin with. My grades at school are fair- I have a 3.1 cumulative GPA but within my concentration my GPA is much higher, like a 3.7. I expect to have a strong show and my portfolio is representative of what I have been doing conceptually as well as practically.

I don’t think I could ever do another undergrad degree- it would be counterproductive in my mind.

I guess my question is: where do I begin to look at grad programs? I know they are all very very different but what school are good for someone who has an art background but not so much a design background? I don’t mind taking a year of fundamentals or introduction studios…

These questions are quite broad and general. Unfortunately, no one at my school has been able to point me in the right direction.

Thank You!

Have you used the search feature or browsed the topics at the top of the page. There is a lot of info on these questions there.

I know it seems like a set back to go back to undergrad, but if you don’t have the foundation in rapid visualization, design history, etc, it might be the best choice. It all depends on what you want to do within the broad field of design and what skills you already possess.

Some schools have 3 year grad programs for nondesign undergrads. My undergraduate degree is in biological engineering; I didn’t discover ID until my senior year of college. I applied to the track 3 grad program at North Carolina State University and there were a LOT of us. I really enjoyed having studios with people who had different backgrounds because they all had very unique perspectives during crits. If ID is what you really want to do, find schools that offer these 3 year programs. I am glad that I did :slight_smile:

Now to just find a job…