Graduate Salary UK

I have been offerd a job in London as a Junior designer. They have asked an expected salary?

Any ideas? Ball Park?

Rent is £600 per month for a one bed-roomed flat near to the office.


anywhere between 16,000 to 23,000 pounds sterling

London… 22-25K says £25.900, go for that!

For a graduate accept no less than £18K…but push for £22Kish. Depends on size of company, what they do, staff, experience, etc.

For £600 a month i’d be looking at somewhere else to stay for a while. :wink:

Start your offer at 27K, I would settle for around 23-24K

That seems fair…

-as for rent sounds like typical London prices, however- try student areas, I lived with mature students and young professionals for a while in London, worked out cheaper!

You’ll be lucky to get over £22k, when these companies hire juniors it’s mainly cos they want raw talent that’s cheap. Even in London, where you need at least £30k to be comfortable, these companies couldn’t give a sht about your personal circumstances, ie. how much rent is locally, when they think about salaries. I’d take whatever they give you, content in the knowledge that you’re one of the lucky ones who has found a job.