Graduate program assistantships

Do any / all ID grad programs offer assistantships to candidates without a bachelor’s in design?

I ask because going out of state for undergrad looks like it’s going to be too expensive, and I’m not 100% sure I’m 100% into ID yet anyway.

Unfortunately all of the grad programs I’ve looked at are even more expensive. What to do…

The only hope would be if the tuition was paid with an assistantship type of program.

Any thoughts?


I will have an assistantship during my time at RISD. I have not started yet, but I will be starting the MID program this upcoming january.

They offer assistantships as well as fellowships. I was offered a combined fellowship and assistantship award of a minimum of $4,500 for the first 1/2 year, and $9,000 per year for the following two years. (I will be in the 2.5 year program. Apparently it was just started this year)

I have a BFA in design, but I don’t think that affects whether or not you receive an assistantship.

Good luck with the grad school hunt.

it can vary, typically you get some felloship/assistance your second year only. Unless you have some skills: in research or teaching experience where they can put you to work for both years.
what the previous poster didn’t mention is the pay was a stipend and tuition is waved. not quite enough to live on for nine months in a city

I received an assistantship for my second year at NCState (I have an undergrad degree in engineering), but as far as I know I was the second person to ever receive funding there and no one was picked up this past year due to budget cuts in NC. It definately was nice to get school + health insurance payed for and payed to work 20 hrs/wk. However, my assistantship was very time intensive because it involved ergonomic testing (we did EMG studies to evaluate product interventions) and I got really behind in my ID work.

there are lots of non ID grad students going back to change careers, the question as to whether or not they can get assistantships still depends on what they bring to the party that an ID dept can use.
could you teach intro to digital or a drawing class, do you know enough about sustainablity to do LCA’s or at least teach it…that sort of thing.