Graduate Portfolio

Hey all,
Im a recent ID graduate… Heres some of my work…

Feed back is most welcome.



The portfolio section is great, it took me a second to load up but the photos came in fast so no worries there. Your work looks nice, and its all presented in a clear, easy to navigate way. I would say you need more sketches as that’s what employers really want to see, and the opening page did not work for me. Maybe it could be super simple. Lose the pictures of yourself and the “news” and also why does it say portfolio…? Maybe just leave it as “portfolio” Otherwise it’s close to being a really nice site and nice work.

The website is great, really nice, really simple but works well, seems very fluid.

I think the work looks nice, but not in any of the work sections do you actually show why you have designed the way you have.

Alpha sander; Very nice rendering, nice form, but why? Most sanders have outlets at the back of the product (where you’ve put the power button) for waste/dust extraction, which hasn’t been considered. And a glossy finish on a powertool is a bad idea in my opinon; it’ll get scratched easy and show it’s wear and tear much more than the ‘smooth’ ABS finishes on DeWalts etc. powertools. You’re just not showing enough of the process.

Fluid; It’s a cup, ok. It’s nice, but what’s the story behind it? Was it just to create a nice rendering (which again, it is)?

Gallery seat; looks nice, although I’d be concerned about the sharpish edges, especially since it dips down and sitting down into a chair/seat is always slightly awkward. Any sketches?

Bath; I know what is it, and how it works, any process to it?

Flash; I don’t have a clue how this’d work from what you’re presenting.

Chronos; Nice looking object, but I have no sense of scale from the rendering. Initially I thought this was a mantle clock (mostly also due to being called a ‘timepiece’) but the sketches do help somewhat. Any reason it is the form it is? Also, you say ‘rapid prototyped timepiece’, but the shots are clearly renders.

Overall, you have some nice looking work, but do remember there is a huge difference between things just looking nice and things being good design. Also, remember that you really need to show off as much of your skillset as possible; why not have a section of work for ‘sketching’, ‘modelmaking/mock-ups’, ‘rendering’ etc? As much as you want to show employers you can design, you also need to show them the things they are likely to be hiring you for.

Hope this helps/doesn’t seem negative (it’s progressive hopefully)!

Good stuff mate.