graduate portfolio- please give me a critique


I am graduated a few months ago. and now I am searching for a job. while sending my job applications via mail, I am sending ;

*my portfolio (to show my design language , syle )

*design process of my graduation project (to show my design thinking, process )

I would welcome any feed back, good or bad.I am looking forward to hearing your ideas =)

P.S : I would be glad if you can feedback them as a material for a full-time product design job application.


I loved your graduation project: great research and development, and your model looks good. The only thing i would improve upon is the sketching, both in the development and finalization of your idea.

In your portfolio, I like the variety of projects, but pair it down, and show process on a couple of them (maybe 3 pages for a project like this), so that you show the complete set of skills you have. Get rid of smaller projects that dont add to the presentation, or put them in an appendix or something.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

Good portfolio. Lots of work.
If you have gotten an internship with Kodi, you are in good shape.

The sketching, as far as I can tell is fine. Communicates well.
That is what is important. You don’t have to be a sketch snob to be a serious designer.

thanks for replies. I am trying to improve my sketching skills.
I ll be glad if I can get more FB from u.

i really liked it! If i was going to pick a weak point, it would maybe be some of the graphic design ones. The utopia banknote wasn’t great.

Everything else is really good though. I echo the other comments in saying if you can, maybe less projects but more details. Kudos to you because English is obviously not your first language.

I find the pdf of the cooker a bit of visual mayhem. Soo much going on per page. Might want to tone it down a bit?

Thanks for your FBs. They were so beneficial for me.
I updated my folio due to your FBs. (and ı am still searching for a job)

here is the new link.

I would like to get your comments again.

a massive improvement, lots of projects, well designed and very clear!

Thanks =)