graduate Materials-related ID courses

Hello all,

I’m graduating in Materials Engineering next year and want to follow it up with a postgrad in ID. Ive decided to apply to the ID course at the royal college of art next year but am also interested in finding an ID course specialising in materials for design. After endless searching Ive failed to find any such cross-disciplinary course…

Can anyone point me in the right direction :arrow_right: ?

Get a job first. Work in the field. Get some experience. Two years later see how you feel. By then you will have a social network that will inform your decision.

unique situation. thinking that more than most you should go BFA for most benefit. ME’s i’ve met come out post-grad lacking basic design skills. may not be issue for them. but may be for you. seems coolest opportunities for material science are in the basics. if i had your background i’d jump at the best foundation program i could find. at a good fine arts school. one that lets you play with glass, ceramics, fiber, aso in a different, non-engineering frame of mind.

was just thinking materials btw. any good online resources you can recommend?