Graduate ID at Art Center College of Design?

Any comments on the graduate ID program at Art Center?

when I got my bachelors in ID one of my classmates (who could sketch like an angel) said he was going there for transportation design - I think it is one of the best if you can get in, but if you are not “cars or die” I would probably think the cost of it wouldn’t be worth it if you already have an ID degree (big assumption, since you didn’t mention it in the posting). If you are switching to ID from something else and can get in, and pay for it, it is the best school for getting a good job (they really focus on awesome portfolios - which is great but logically other aspects suffer) If I could do it again I would have gone to Art Center (the earnings of the graduates I hear are higher).

depends, what are you researching?


it’s good but i dont think it’s worth it. maybe consider MBA