Graduate Furniture Programs US/Abroad

Hi everyone,

I’m a senior at Carnegie Mellon’s ID program and have enjoyed my time here very much. I’ve discovered (after a summer in Denmark at school there) that furniture is my one love. I’m looking to work or intern after school for a bit, but I’d like to gather some information on graduate furniture programs.

RISD seems to have a great program and of course it’s a great design school to boot. I’d also look at doing a second undergrad specifically in furniture at a school abroad… such as Denmark’s Design school ( or perhaps T/U Eindhoven. What about other schools?

Any ideas or input?


Do you want to do commercial furniture for production, or craft furniture (one offs)?


commercial furniture for production interests me more, it would be great to work on furniture in a studio environment with other people.

RISD’s program is a craft, gallery-oriented one, as implied by YO.
Kendall would be a good production oriented school, by contrast.

However, if what you want to do is a Droogish inspired limited production furniture design career: either you got the chops or you dont. CMU taught you all the critical thinking, shop skills and creativity you need to get started.

Think about taking the $100K it’d cost to live in Providence attnding RISD for two years - and build as much work as you can and try to get it produced or at least published.