Graduate Folio Advice

Hi everyone,

I’ve just graduated and I’m on the job hunt! I’ve had this portfolio for a little while and want to give it a bit of an overhaul and fix up some of the older projects to bring them up to standard. I am hoping to get some feedback from you guys on the layout, projects and content etc. so I know what best to focus on whilst doing the changed to make it as good as I can.

Here’s the link to it on Behance: Behance

Any constructive input would be a great help for me!

Hey Jennifer,

I think you have some great skills and pretty good layout for some solid projects. Here’s my input for how you can make it even better:

-I think its slightly on the busy side. Maybe its personal preference but I think most designers lean towards the simple side and this portfolio would benefit from doing the same.
-Your sketches are great thumbnail, thinking, napkin type sketches. I like to see where the initial ideas began…however, I would scale these down and go over them again for refinement to show this is a skill you aren’t afraid of having!
-Your portfolio is a bit wordy. Most employers only spend a minute or two looking these over, so the words aren’t helping you.
-I believe your portfolio will benefit from shrinking some. Seems like a lot of pages for each project, concise and do the point without losing your storytelling ability is the ongoing challenge.

Just curious, how ergonomic/comfortable is that mouse? I love the inspiration and the form/modeling skills but can’t imaging the edge feels nice. Would be great to try out! Definitely an attention grabber :slight_smile:

Best of luck,

Hey Pb,

Thanks for your advice!

I totally agree, one thing that’s bugging me about my portfolio is that I don’t feel like it’s got a clean enough layout and it’s too wordy to take potential employers through the process as easily as I’d like it to, so it’s god to know that it’s something definitely worth doing.

The mouse is actually surprisingly comfortable, so long as you’re right handed for that model! Would need a partly mirrored version of the form so it’s suitable for lefties too.

Very interesting. Be sure to post your refinement so we can see the progress!