Future Design League is searching for the UKs best design graduates to take part in a new exhibition designed to help promote Britains best graduate designers. FDL aims to bring together new and emerging talents from Universities around the UK and give them a chance to work together to produce exciting new objects.

Each piece will then be exhibited at a final show, of which will be held in an unknown, exciting venue. With help from a PR team from a highly regarded manufacturing company, the work will be accessible to the elite of the design industry.

This is a chance for the UKs finest graduate designers from every discipline to combine to produce future classics.

To apply, please send your current C.V. and an electronic portfolio to:

Those chosen will be invited to take part in a preliminary get together to review the set brief and assess the possibilities for new projects.

Please visit our website for more information

Could you provide more information, for one who is behind this, what actually is it.? It all seems very vague, cryptic and a bit suss. A massive turnoff was when I saw the contact e-mail address:

haha oh wow,

I thought the new designers show in London was the premier show for new graduate designers in the UK, and doesn’t cost them anything to take part as the university sponsoring them to go usually foots the bill.