Grad schools for service design?

I’m looking for graduate schools in the US or Europe (or anywhere, although preferably in English or Spanish) that specialize in service design. I know of KISD in Germany, but I don’t know if their graduate program is for non-design undergrads.

Any other ideas?

I lead the Service Design Track over at the Lucerne School of Art and Design, Switzerland on the MA Design. I teach in English (I’m English) as do several other lecturers, but some of the courses are in German and it would help if you could understand some German. All the lecturers can speak and/or understand English though.

More info on our microsite (mix of German and English) and some English info and flyers on the HSLU main site here.

Or just contact me directly if you want to know more.

Hi Keifer,
Domus Academy (Milan), the school where I am working, launches this year a specific master in Service Design (in english) in collaboration with the Service Design Network You can find more info on the There is also a competition on-going (deadline 6th september) which will award the best project with partial scholarship to attend the master course.
For further information you can contact me or directly the servicedesign dept (you will find all the contact details on thw website)!

Didn’t you just get into your undergrad program?

Woah, old post.

Yeah, I’m currently a sophomore in a non-design undergrad program. I’m starting to think that I still would enjoy some of the design field, specifically service design – not product, industrial, graphic, etc. Systems interest me more than objects. Probably why I was a little too argumentative on here way back when – the vast majority of the design field doesn’t really interest me, but the overarching concepts and some specific fields do. It just took me a long time to figure this out.

The best university for service design / the program I’m interested in is Koln International School of Design, in Germany. At this point, I’m trying to figure out whether it’s worth finishing my degree here in the US (then going to graduate school) or just going to KISD. Unfortunately, I don’t think my credits will transfer, so wasting the $1000s already invested isn’t exactly an easy choice.