Grad school? Or not to grad school? That is my question!

Help! I’m a few weeks out from graduating and don’t have a set direction for the rest of my design career! I have the options of searching for a job, and going back and doing Masters of Entrepreneurship. Someday I want to work for myself and think that this would be beneficial in year to come. Or should I go for a job now and not fall out of the loop, and go back to study later?

Your View and wisdom would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time

Work first - best education you can get.

You don’t need a Master’s to freelance, but one in Design Managment could be beneficial depending on; when you say ‘work for myself’ do you mean freelance full time, or run your own consultancy?

My recomendation would be to get some first hand knowledge of the design field. A few years practing design in the real world will enrich your graduate studies greatly. You will have a better understanding of what you’ll need to learn (or if you need to go back to school at all) and you will be far mor focused. Also, from an employment perspective, you want to keep education and experience balanced on the resume. Experience, a great portfolio, and a good atitude are what get you a job.

Nobody special is right, the one thing design schools can’t and don’t do is teach you everything you need to know about design. It can be dangerous to spend too long at a time studying, sometimes it gets harder to make the leap.

I beleive there is an article up on core answering just this question.