Grad school...moving from Film to Design. Help needed

i have my bachelor’s degree in theater (set design) from UCLA and have been working in film for the past 3 years. I have a small design firm on the side that my partner and I have worked on projects ranging from interior design to company identification. I’m now interested in going back to school for Design (either communication design or industrial design). I would prefer to go to school in Canada or another english speaking country other than the USA (however not entirely against school in the US).

Can anyone recommend schools I should look into. I’ve been looking into Emily Carr, what is the industry reputation of that school?

before choosing a school, I would recommend you hone in on your intended major so you can research the best program. By communication design do you mean GD?

Emily Carr recently upgraded itself to a University. Having taught there, it is a good school, not a great one. I would give them a grade of C, maybe C+.

I thoroughly disagree with their ID philosophy in that they seem to lean towards creating artisans as opposed to designers. This an observation based on personal philosophy and may very much match your goals. Its just not my bag of tea.

Carleton is the only other Canadian school that I would go as far as recommending. I have seen a lot of nice portfolios come out of there. And, hey, you can say you went to the same school as Karim :wink: Talk to Richard Kuchinsky about Carleton for a first hand account.

What do you want to do after graduation, do you want to work abroad? Is there any particular type of product you want to design?

ID is a very small community, being in the city you want to work in is a huge advantage. Or, being in a center of the particular industry type.
For example going to Kendall in Grand Rapids makes it a lot easier to get into that segment of the furniture industry than studying anywhere else.

I guess by communication design I mean packaging and possibly branding. I would love to meld the two together, or at least be able to do both. They seem to work in tangent together in a lot of cases.

In terms of which type of design I would like to do, I not quite sure. I really do enjoy furniture design, but I’m also interested in any designed object. I guess I’m looking at school as a place to find which part of industrial design I would enjoy the most. And also to build up my knowledge and skill tool box.