Grad School Interview Advice

I have been “short listed” (their words) and have an interview next week with RISD for their MID program. I’m pretty excited about it, but want to make sure I’m as prepared as possible. I’ve got a running list of questions, but I am looking for any other tips, advice, dos/don’ts, good questions to ask, etc.

Perhaps you could speak to your own experiences? Have you gone through this process? Was it a simple Q & A or more of a portfolio presentation? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

most people who are involved with the arts have a keen sense of observation. Therefore your body language will tell them alot. Keep you head up, shoulders back with good posture. Make eye contact and make sure your listening to what they are saying, that is just respectful. Be confident about your work but dont come off pretentious. And i think the biggest thing is to be comfortable, it makes things easier when everyone is comfortable in their own skin. Other than that i would really take a hard look at your work and make sure you can describe every angle of your work. Why its there, where the inspiration came from, and how your came about making it. ect

hope this helps a bit.