Grad School in Tokyo

Hey everyone, I am new to the forum. I am an architect, my wife is a fashion designer, she is being transfered to Tokyo next spring, and I would like to take to opportnity to go to grad school for ID/interactive design. Any reccomendations on any new/interesting programs to check out in Tokyo? (I speak/read japanese at an intermediate level, hopefuly more advance by next year)

any suggestions are welcome

There are three top art schools, Tama Art University, Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music (Tokyo Geijyutu Daigaku), and Musashino Art University. I am not sure about graduate school for ID.

U can check their websites.

good luck!

thanks useless_
those are the (3) that keep popping up in my searches. I am sure they are excellent schools and I will look into them further; I guess I am just a little suprised that in a country like japan where higher education is so important and technology is such a part of everyday life that there aren’t more, for lack of a better word, “experimental” graduate programs.

thanks again, I will look into the (3) above.

dear trace,

first of all, those 3 schools are the most famous in Japan(Toyko)
but the style and the atmospheres of each are different.

Tama & Musashino will mostly lead you by practical works.
I am not sure which part of design you look for, however for eg.
Tama has relationship with famous schools like ACCD.
and they have many opportunities to have design projects joint with
companies and other schools.
Musashino is not very different with Tama.

and Geidai is strong in researches, art. since the school has a long history,
and traditional, they usually think the inside of your works most.

this is all i know.
don’t know it helped or not.

anyway, if you have any questions about asia(china,korea,japan),
dont hesitate to ask me. :slight_smile: