Grad Project: Jewelry Display Case

Hi there,

It has been brought to my attention that I really did not offer much information regarding what or why I am doing this project. So, let me provide some back ground.

I work for a custom jewelry design firm here in my town. We are opening our second store next year and I have been given the opportunity to redesign the display cases for the jewelry and to fix may of the issues they are having presently.

The first two images are of the current solution in the store.

My goal is to bring three appealing designs to the store owner’s and directors of varying styles and facilitate the building of one of the case they decide they like. I am also doing this for my portfolio for school and as a part of my graduate project.

Design goals are very open as I have been given a lot of freedom with style, materials, and budget. My plan is to do one expensive “futuristic” tech case, one mid-rage “secret garden” inspired case, and one that is a “fix only” case that is bare bones but has all the fixes to the issues they were previously having.

This very angular design, is the first of three designs for the cases. Concept is rendered in walnut, acrylic, and glass. Top holds a transparent Planar LCD screen to offer complete touch screen interactivity with a POS system, graphic advertisements, or informational systems. The idea is to be active with graphic display when in use and when off to be completely transparent. I want to improve, or alter the aesthetics of the store that is very dark wood earthy in nature and change the age of the place, Instead of being so dated with the current very square box and messy case.

I think you need to give us a lot more context and process for your project.
Otherwise it is impossible to judge wether the design direction you have chosen is the right one or not.

So I’d encourage you to explain the project, your goals, the decision making, ect.
As it stands now, there isn’t much to judge.

You’re absolutely right!, the sanity a nights sleep provides also shows me the error of my ways. I will do a follow up posting that has this much more clearly described and information about the context of what I am doing and why.

I think from a form perspective, it seems like the individual parts of the pyramid are meant to be floating. It gets the effect from some angles.

Other angles, the sloping sides of the wood contrast heavily with the transparent vertical tubes that hold each section aloft.

I think the design could be improved if some more thought was given to them. Perhaps angling them to be in line with the slope of the pyramid?