Grad Product Designer - please critique!

Hi all, I graduated from Uni last summer and after a gap year (and a bit) I’ve decided to come back to design. I intend to add to this portfolio all the time, but it’s been more difficult that I thought finding past work that’s up to scratch! I’ve attached my CV and example of my final year project, please give your first thoughts on it and any additions/subtractions that may be needed. Thanks for your time, I know it’s a lot of effort to critique a portfolio. Adam


I’m looking for a junior/entry level position in an Industrial or Product Design firm, toy design would be my first choice.

I’d put it somewhere easy to access, such as coroflot or your own site.

There is no way I’m going to download a random file to my pc, under the guise of a design portfolio or not!

lol I was looking for a site that would host a 2MB+ PDF, I’ll find a better one!

This might be a language thing because I am not a native English speaker but I thought that “Graduate” is always referring to Master studies?
So when you call yourself a “Graduate Product Designer” as in your portfolio, this might be regarded as false advertising since you graduated from an Undergrad program and not a Graduate program.

I like the look of your resume; I’m curious if that will go over well with the established/professional designers on here? b/c, I would like to do something similar, but without the grades you put down (those are grades…right?).

Well I’m from England, anybody that passes their Undergraduate course to get a degree becomes a Graduate. If you want to continue and do further studies, you become a ‘PostGraduate’. Thanks for the comments, any others?

Oh and Michael, what do you mean by without the grades I’ve put down? Maybe that’s because it differs slightly in England, we get graded on our degrees, whereas I think yours is simply pass or fail right?

No, we obtain grades also, and we don’t just pass and fail; We have to maintain a certain gpa in order to graduate. I was looking at the resume and I saw letter grades next to the courses you have taken, (e.g. History C) Maybe the grading scale is different? I don’t know…Just saying I wouldn’t put (e.g. Advance Mathmatics D), just b/c I passed that class I still wouldn’t want to put a D next to it…

Anyhow, I just liked your resume layout and graphic display.