Grad portfolio book

Hello everyone.

I have just finished my last studio and grad show is completed so now its time to get my portfolio up to scratch and start looking for work or a internship. I’ve only got the next couple days to get something resolved before I start travelling and can touch it up when I’m back next year.

I’m basing my portfolio as a printed book and also targeting for international work/internship so I have gone in depth with 2 projects.

Please rip it to shreds where you can.
(Things that could be re-worked, pages that are a bit tough to read? Too much process, not enough other areas? Page Hierarchy? More technical/thinking sketches?, etc)

Also on page 3, my self evaluation of my skills, I’m 50/50 about it. Some people love it while others don’t.

Main portfolio - Portfolio by Andrew Berno - Issuu


Hey Andrew, as you know I am yet to make my own portfolio. However these are some observations just from looking over your folio and trying to think as though I was looking to hire you:)

Page 1 - Perhaps something to make it stand out in the stack of folios?
Pg 2 - I like the visual contents list, they might need a little title for each project though.
Pg 3 - The toolbox is neat, have you thought of adding symbols to your skills list to make it a bit more visual. Maybe a SolidWorks logo and Adobe logos.
Pg 4,5 - This is a lot of text, I was tempted to skip it and go straight to you first project. Do you think this would work at the end of the portfolio?
Pg 8 - I really wanted to see an initial introduction image of the final rescue board. When I was reading your design process I was kind of distracted because I was looking for the solution and not really focussing on the content.
Pg 16, 17 - Less line weight on your leaders, could you line them up down one side or make all the leader parallel?
Pg 20,21 - I think the storyboard could be clearer. Maybe a pic of someone drowning, then a pic of the board entering the water, then the person being dragged onto the board and finally delivered back shore.

I think that’s probably enough for now…:slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,
First impressions are I like your portfolio, but I dont like issuu by itself. It has the feel of a ‘form letter’, (rather like coroflot)- nothing wrong with that but it’s ‘one size fits all’ so it looks less personal and less about ‘you’. I’d do what Paris had done, go website portfolio and use the issuu as a link from that, if someone wants an easily downloadable pdf of your portfolio.

I’m putting together a portfolio as well on Cargo Collective. It’s addition to my coroflot portfolio, which I’m treating as a basic portfolio (like form of storage) rather than a “tah dah!” portfolio. It’s free (there is a paid option), they say you need an invite but I emailed and asked and they gave me one, and even though they are templates they are quite easy to modify via CSS. I have no coding skills but the support is enough to help me stumble through. I tried to find a suitable wordpress template but it was too much and wordpress I still find very hard to use just as a blog.

Where are you looking for an internships?

Cheers Paris and Jaime.

Still just touching up small things and finishing it off. (I think i need to take my surf rescue board model out for another photo shoot to explain the story better) But still want to here from others about having the tooling and DFM pages in?

Jaime , I will be applying for internships and junior positions at consultancy in Asia and Europe.

Have a look at this:

The dates are based on Northern hemisphere academic year, but they do have lots of China companies (mostly based in Europe with a China office)

So I have returned from my travels and finished off my portfolio book.

Would appreciate and last feedback before i print a couple copies and email it looking for internships and work.

I’ll also look at building a website to showcase my portfolio too.