Grad Industrial Design Help

I have completed under-grad in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in India and am planning to pursue Industrial Design Masters during Fall 2012 in The US.
So the first question :
Which are the schools that I can apply to which has a good ranking along with financial aid ?

Also as I come from a different background(other than design), what is the prerequisite knowledge that I will need to possess? I check Georgia Tech ID website which says there is a 1 year “Preparatory Course” for students of other discipline. As I have 1 whole year in hand please tell me what are the skills that I need to develop so that there are chances I can skip such preparatory courses? Are there any other schools which provide admits without such preparatory course?

Please help !!


Hi, I’m in exactly the same situation, if you are interested in helping each other out, mail me…

Hi, this basic question comes up every year so there are a number of threads with follow up discussions - try the search function. If my memory serves, there’s not a lot of university financial aid available to foriegn students, state budget cuts has put the emphasis on helping local students. Private and Art schools are not tax funded and can support whoever they feel is most deserving. becoming most deserving however is going to be a function of your application/portfolio. I’d start working on basic skills: problem solving through sketching. Also defining a clear thesis agenda will show your seriousness.
you have less than a year to accomplish this, not much time.
best of luck

Hey, I think some grad programs require like 2 years of work experience before applying. Regarding financial aid to foreign students, I was recently in a position similar to yours, looked around different schools in the US, most of the schools i looked into, like IIT, Carnegie Melon or Stanford, didn’t have financial aid for foreign students and they are EXTREMELY expensive, IIT is like 36,000 USD per year just tuition.

Look into the University of Cincinnati which is the one i applied to… they have a great program, one of the best in the US, and they have scholarships for international students, or try getting financial aid from your local government. Work on your portfolio, get your GRE and TOEFL scores, fill out applications, etc.