Grad ID school

Hey all, whats up?
Well, I am considering going back to school and getting my masters in ID but I dont know how to rank the schools? I have an undergrad ID degree and know about other programs, but its different when your talking Grad programs. First off there arent many US schools that have ID grad prorgrams, so that is limiting in itself but any help would be appreciated.
I am in the Northeast right now, so I am considering Pratt as I could make in there in a short amt. of time and still work. Anything else pretty close?


Jamar Hunt is runninga great ID grad program at University of the Arts in Philly. There’s also Carnegie Mellon, RISD, Syracuse, and NC State out there.

The school you chose should depend on what you aim to achieve by going back to school…

  • Better design skills?
  • Business Skills?
  • Strategy Skills?
  • Research Skills?
  • Manufacturing knowledge?


agree, or better yet, create your own if you have to explore into making a new development program you haven’t seen yet in the school.

Thanks for the info.
Should have mentioned I am in Connecticut, that is why i am considering Pratt in nearby NYC. Would like to consider some others, like U of Arts in Philly but I love the job I am at now and want to keep working and do this part time…will take me longer, but I want to do both.
Also, my primary goal is getting this degree is to teach ID later on down in my career. I have seen most bigger design schools asking for Masters Degrees to teach, so that is where that comes from…out of need. Also, I always enjoyed school and dont have a problem taking a few more classes to get that degree…so, its more about what the degree will do for me as opposed to expanding my skill set. Working now as an IDer, so I am continually expanding my skill set in that.
thanks again, hope that clairfies some things.


Transportation is less supportive
Few marketing connections
Hard to get scholarships
Bad admissions file works
Bad class schedules (often changes)
Few classes in one’s focused area
Some selfish/bad teachers-and they
-don’t know why they are bad
Too many students
Small studio spaces
Too much gossips
Banned with some medium uses
Location-some finds in really bad
Bad school food, expensive coffee :cry:


Flexibility on taking classes
Business related design studies
Name and its Historical value
Lots of alumni (many are teaching)
Location-NYC and many things to do
Resources- you name it.
Some good teachers
Easy to reach and find various materials
well maintained campus
Lots of good people as well as interesting ones
Can find PT job easily
Tons of school projects that make you keep going.

I would like to know cons and pros of other ID schools–