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For most of my life I’ve had a job where I get to help people. Which is what I do love about my job the most, being able to design solutions for people who need some kind of assistance. Whether its a knee brace, or a surgical stapler, there has always been a kind of gratitude to what I do because I know that, somewhere, I can help somebody.

So, it really is a great pleasure to find out that Forbes selected one of our products as part of their collection of Great GPS Gadgets:

The article discusses some of the history of GPS technology and how it became part of the latest trend to incorportate the technology into consumer products.

If you click on the slideshow, our Terrafix GPS 406 PLB (personal locator beacon) is featured on the first slide.

This is something we did several years ago when I was still a noobie to the design world. We presented several concepts in the form of sketches and foam models (made by yours truly) to the client and they ended up choosing one designed by one of the two design principles.

The product that ended up being manufactured has changed significantly during the early phases of the design process which was being driven by changes in the hardware the client chose to house within our design. That resulted in changes to the inital form and size as well. We also spec’d different colors than the ones they chose for their end product. But, for those of you in a consultancy, you know how that goes. And for those of you who are in a corporate setting, well, you know how that goes.

All in all, it was a good project and is certainly rewarding to have it featured on Forbes.

But, like most of the things I design for work, I do hope you never really have to use it.

Nice work, slick. Very cool to have your work actually published and seen by thousands, maybe even millions. it’s frustrating to see your beautiful surfaces, textures and colors destroyed by the marketing-types. Still looks very nice!! congrats!

It’s wild to think how the products we sketch and model in the computer can be bought from store shelves across the continent. I designed an ice-scraper (yeah!!! cool!!!) a few years ago and it was sold in Home Depot. Found myself desperately needing one during a freak snow-storm and ended up buying my own design!! That was weird.