I’m looking for an internship this semester and was wondering how my GPA would affect my chances of getting an internship. I just transfered schools so I am starting out with a 0.0. However this semester I am doing great in my studio/design related classes, B+/As, yet my english class is another story. Because of this class I might end up with a 2.97 or something. Should I be worried about being shy of a 3.0 because of an english class? Will the employer talk to me about it or ask me my GPA if it is not on my resume? If the employer sees a great portfolio, does the GPA matter?

I wouldn’t worry too much about your GPA. Just produce quality work. Also, check with your advisor to see if your internship can transfer back to your school as credit for a semester of studio.

I was asked about my GPA at an interview for an internship once.

As an employer now - I don’t think twice about checking/asking for a GPA.

If your final GPA ends up being super low - I might think twice, but not if you have a killer portfolio to back it up.

Don’t worry about your GPA. You can also always list your “in major” GPA which just consists of classes dedicated to your major, rather then liberal arts BS that you’re required to take.

No one is going to not hire you if you have a great portfolio but got a D in Psychology.

While I agree that grades are often subjective at best as a measure of effort and good work, I have to disagree.

If you don’t place enough value on the “BS” that you have to take to get a decent grade (ie at least a “C”), what makes me believe that you will make the required efforts to ensure that all the little details in the design process are taken care of? There’s a lot more to being a designer than being able to throw down a pretty sketch.

I can’t believe for a minute that any designer wouldn’t enjoy a general psychology class at least a little bit.

If your portfolio and work is any good, the GPA should almost take care of itself.

Yeah we’ll when general psychology is a 500 person lecture at 8am lets just say some of us decided to sleep in. :laughing:

Regardless 1 D in college won’t botch your entire 4-5 year GPA.

I don’t disagree with you there. However, you can still get good grades without attending every class, irregardless of how many people are in it.

The original poster asked about a low GPA, like you said, that doesn’t come from one D. They also have some extra special circumstances which I would think are easy to explain.

People with good work habits usually get pretty good grades; people with bad work habits and a lack of commitment don’t.

I’ve yet to meet someone with a great portfolio and poor grades.

Just sayin’.