gouache rendering

Anyone here ever done a rendering using gouache paint? If so how does it work on a vellum? Comments please

Never done that myself, way too old school for me.

Those I’ve seen are done on opaque mediums like canson paper. I don’t think vellum will be able to absorb the paint well. I have done marker+pastel renderings on vellum using gouache as highlights. It works fine.

You sort of have to work with gouache like you would watercolors. I haven’t rendered any products with it. Except highlights. I have done a couple of illustrations with it Tho ( example below ). Would recommend illustration board or watercolor paper.

Quit different than watercolors – much more opaque. Typically done on rigid illustration board, never velum. Quite nice effect – I used to do them in the 70’s, My favorites were done by Sid Mead: wonderful futurist renderings extraordinary technique.

I must say im not a huge fan gouche. You cannot do a great range of shading and its really opaque. Whatever you put down, thats what your stuck with.