got to turn the page

Months ago I’ve decided to change completly my proffesional life.
I prepeared a portfoglio and…

i’ve just realized i’m too happy with it, i’m idolizing it too much so I took
the decision to kill the exlusivity of it, this way the portfolio will for no longer rapresent a dream and I’ll be forced to start a new one.

the way I’ve choosed to kill it is to make it public, shear it with you.
and perhaps i’ll get feedbacks wich will influence my next vision.

please understand that because of the portfolio extension i have to choose
what to post, so i’ll show just the “covers” and will leave the sketches
and my past work (the products that went in to the production) apart for now.

so here we go… hope it’ll bring some energy to pasionate designers


first to say- amazing work.

now down to details- these layouts with the final renderinsg… how do they work out with the sketches. from what I am seeing here they look like completely different, could you in some way apply your grid layout an some info to these sketch pages that you did in your finals? I think this would really tie in all of the works. also in stages does it go rough thumbs then boom full page rendering? I would like to see it go to a middle stage were you further developed one or two of the thumbs an then final. I think this will further tell the story of what you are trying to accomplish. Overal it is nice to see many departments of nike, ACG, nike active, basketball-etc. this really shows a range an talents in more than one speciic genre. also for the finals- would like to see more views.

I really like what you did with the shox- an the jordan glove, the details an simplicity is really nicely worked through. in your cityknike 6- if that is your final page -I am think- ok where is the shoe? I think just showing the shell doesn’t do it for me as much as if I saw the actual shoe. also I am wondering why you put an eyelit? I think for scale reasons what purpose would this function? it would be too heavey for a necklace function? an not thick or big enough to have it as a handle…

good work-let us know how it goes

DD- email me an we talk talk more if you would like.



I really like the cleanliness of your concept sketches and the originality which you added to them. Great job!


Your work is simply breathtaking. If you can’t get a job with Nike, then I certainly never will. There are some things I don’t undertand about the functionality of your work that I can’t validate since the text on the side is too small. But I know how you think and don’t doubt you have solved the problems. You are one of the best I have seen at fusing fresh with minimalism. I emailed you a while back in regards to what program you use to do your final renderings, but never heard back. GREAT work man!


thank you for your kind and constructive comments.
each of these “boards” has a story (inspiration, problems, solutions, materials, construction, target…) and when I meet with big names I do go in depth of these
as much as time allows us to,
I’m currently in a situation of being able to post my work, and if other designers are like me then some will be happy to take a look at this work.
I’m not looking for prizes, just want to show the best that I have so that I’m
forced to create new “visions” in order to surprise in the forthcoming months.

now back to your comments,
the ck6 is part of a larger concept,- a special package designed for the globals shoe hunters, people like us, people who are able to take the first flight and go
to london only because they heard that the original AJ7 Olympic edition is available in size 10 usa.
this package is made of a pair of shoes, a coat, hat… and can be bought only on the airports. everything is designed like the swiss knife or a k-way, a small bag full of stuff; each folds in a singular way, the egg you see on the board are molded heel counters which contains the uppers.

it can be attached on your pants not necklace… excuse my english, I’m messing, it’s late.

regarding your other comments, you’re right, most of the time i have a shoe in my mind, finished, so i don’t sketch, i don’t explore, I THINK, but some of these vision do have an explanation and heres an example.

again thank you for your comments, please don’t misunderstand my words because of my poor late-nite english.and don’t hesitate to ask for more if there’s
something else you’d like to see.

TH photoshop is my final touch, sorry if i never get back to you, sometimes I’m taken by work and i even forget to have a son and a daughter at home waiting.
please feel free to write me if you need any thing.

my new e-mail is


ok i remeber you and spec. that jordan “sock”…hyperflight7? i think on nt right??

Great work, but I’m confused about why it’s a big deal for you to share your portfolio–there are thousands of samples available on Coroflot. Were you hoping to license these designs, or are you concerned about plagerism? Just curious.

Yo D- those comments by Mm is me. I say “uno” at the end of most my posts- because alot of people out here in NYC say one- instead of peace or late or ciao- an so I flipped it an just say uno ( uno= one in spanish - I am mexican)

I like to see the sketches helps he see an understand the final more. an also I want to see where in the thought process you made choices an did an tried new things ( explored.) great work. I still feel like the pod shape could be more functional- im going to email you-


as any other designer i love to show the work of which I’m proud,
currently I’m in the position of being able to do so.
also as i wrote above by doing this all this projects will suddenly become “old”
for me and i’ll be forced, motivated, inspired to create new projects.
I’m not looking for a job trough core nor I’m trying to show my skills to the hunters. all i want is to shear it with passionate footwear designers.



The stuff is getting hotter and hotter dude. Thanks for taking us to school!

yo, thanks
i don’t know what to say, the thing i feel is “i don’t want to take anyone back to
school, real life is much funnier, isn’t it?”

i’ll be coming to the campus soon, maybe we can meet and have a talk,
or maybe we’ll face each-other in the meeting room?


ask Lisa to put me on your schedule for lunch. I’m in Asia till the 26th. Fir me an email dude and we’ll hammer it out. Look forward to chatting with you!


Get it done DD! That is where you need to be.


Thanx Tony,
even if i don’t write that much, i do follow your evolution…
glad you’re doing well.

some ideas i never took time to develop…

oopsssss, sorry about the size
don’t know how to edit the post
Yo, can you help me?

must be a shoe thing

well my first post of many lets hope… Denis amazing stuff dude, you have put your heart into that stuff bru, awesome to see cos its soo rare… One thing i can say is GOOD luck at campus dude. Mickey will buy you lunch!!

Peace - TOMfoolery

Thanks D

Man, I don’t even know what to say. I wish I had some “undeveloped” concepts like those! So much inspiration, so little time.


I have received some e-mails of people who’d like to see some of
the stuff i’ve designed and that went in production, others are overpraising
my photoshop skills…
well first of all, a nice rendering is helpful only to show the aesthetic of the product, but as we all know as designers or consumers, there’s a lot more beside
the style. FUNCTION!!!
don’t try to become a great renderer, first you must become a great designer.
but regarding a couple of request to shear my photoshop tricks… Practice is the
most important.
if you could see my designs before i got my first job, you, the young guns, would be VERY OPTIMISTIC regarding your future career.
some of you are already at an excellent level… but a great designer is not just a great “designer”, you’ll learn you need more to become the next big thing.

i’ll end this summer post with some of my past designs,

DENIS!!! Just realised who you are (one design?)!if its not you i apologise good to see your work bru…