Got into Art Center. Do I need to prepare?

wassup yall…I got into Art Center and plan on attending this fall. I’ve taken all the foundation classes like perspective drawing, visual dynamics, etc from a different college. Right now , as of summer I’m not doing anything but just relaxing and having fun. I have heard from many people that Art Center is really hard and literally takes all your free time. For the people that goes to Art Center and people that have graduated from there, what do I need to do to be ready for AC in the fall? For example, practice drawing or read up on ID magazines. I just don’t want to be rusty when I start school again because i’m having too much fun over summer. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.


I didn’t go to Art Center, but all I can say is sketch. Always sketch. Sketch everything and anything.

You’ll find out later that your job will take up most of your free time, too. So get ready for that. But at least you’ll be getting paid for your time at that point so thats a bonus.

whats visual dynamics?

drawing on 2d surfaces and 3d forms in space. It was more of an art thinking class rather than design.