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I just stumbled on this after reading an article in Wired about Sergey Binn…

I entered “industrial design” and see some surprising results…"industrial%20design"&cmpt=q

Is Iran going to be a new force in ID ?
Surprising to see such a general fall in interest though… anyone got any theories about these results ?

Don’t know if that is too much to go by…
If you search for design, the top 3 countries are Ethiopia, Swaziland and Lesotho.

Every search word I put in had a drop in the interest graph, but those were pretty general words. Hipster and Retro get an upward graph whilst design, industrial design, computer. Maybe the it’s just because the web is growing too much, or people are just getting better at using search motors which means they get more specific with their searchwords.

“Basketball” gets a pretty funny one. Fun to use it for specific people, or products, to see when and what was happening.

Persians are pretty strong in design. There’s a lot of them in the ProductDesignForums. Lots of students - 2/3 of the population is under 30 and they have a long history in arts & crafts (rugs, glass working, etc.) We don’t get the whole picture in the west.

Just taking a look at a few words, I think this is probably skewed by bots and other things.