Google Earth + Design Directory

Hello, it has been a while since I collect some contact information from design studios and offices and create a link in Google Earth at the exact location.

I thought I would post this here to see if we can make it grow. Ideally, I would like to create a “Design” layer in Google earth to be available for everybody.

Designers: will easily find contact information to get in touch.
Design Studios/Agencies/Offices: will be able to have their contact information available for prospective clients and employees.
Clients: will also be able to find designers and studios in a more accessible way.

It would also be nice to create more layers with design related contents (schools, expo centers, suppliers, etc). Ideas are welcome.

Actually I have 54 locations. To add/change information, post it here, PM me or email me and I will update the links.

:exclamation: IMPORTANT: This information is to be used in a responsible way! (Please don’t start bugging people trough phone or email)

:arrow_right: Download links (Google Earth required to open file)

i dont really see why google earth is needed to find a designer. there already are lots of design studio listings, such as

6548 design studios alone just in this directory. you got a lot ot catch up if you are on #54.


i agree with R. i think putting designer contact info on google earth is a mistake. i can understand that you might think its an interesting example of information architecture in a geographic form. but i just think it comes off as being slightly stalker-ish.

I wouldn’t say it’s more accessible or needed but it is an interesting way of viewing where design firms are located. I think it may be a great visual reference and a useful tool in addition to the design directory, if all those firms were placed on a map.

You could easily see where more firms are concentrated and in what parts of the city. I wouldn’t waste your time but, perhaps business week could do it with some sort of database.

Actually, go ahead and map all 6548. I would appreciate it.

Thanks Dude.

core could extrapolate the contact info provided in designdirectory and mpa it all out on gmaps… close enough to gearth if you ask me

google maps wil be a more convenient common platform?
but nice idea nontheless


I am taking a look at Google maps, I guess it could be another easy way to share this. I tried creating a KML file that you can now include to “My Maps”.

What I like about this, is the possibility to have other design related layers that can also include images and video.

I don´t know anything about coding, but it would be nice to to have a geographic directory with vendors, schools, suppliers, events, etc. Don’t you think it could be a useful tool? is ok, but can also be improved with more dynamic and interactive information that could be used as a tool by designers, clients and vendors.

Try this to open the demo file in Google maps.

cuoto, I’ve seen the link you’ve added here. I think its a good idea. How about making a website for such a directory and link it to the google maps in case people do not look for maps when it comes to locating a design establishment they want ? I think most people do not expect Googlemaps to give out design office locations. it simply doesn’t click automatically. But most people would look for sites at So maybe a site to mention the work you’ve done and let people surf to google maps to see where they are.

Hi cheery,

I was thinking about the same thing. This should be accesible trough a web page. An alternative would be to create a something like a widget to include in “My Maps” like one of these Ideally th widget should be from Coroflot/BW because they have the database, otherwise it would be difficult to keep it updated.

I think it would be nice to have it as a layer for google earth as well, it would be a nice way to promote design interest. People could easyly find design related tractions in their city or as a tourist in other places.

cuoto, I think your idea is interesting. If you could arrange them up further, it will look good. It has to be easy to find too. I like the idea where there is a map that shows up the places in the world. Very quick info for readers to know the details and location of these establishments.

wonders what it would spell if they were all joined up