Google Drive, backups and Project Management

Hi guys,

I’m looking for the most efficient solution for moving a product design project forwards and sharing/securely storing and archiving the data.

The best solution I’ve found is to use Google Drive as a local/cloud backup and maybe going forwards a Project Management tool like Asana, TeamPlatform or Conceptboard.

Does anybody use anything like this at work? Any suggestions for how this would work in a small team yet still being scalable up to 100’s of people in different departments?

Google Drive has had a huge increase in storage capacity recently (or soon) but some design/engineering/graphics archives are going to be well over 1TB over time and keep increasing…



I use secure folders on dropbox. Quick and easy was to link people in.

We use DropBox and OneDrive for cooperative file sharing and we locally store archived work on external hard-drives. For project management we tried Basecamp awhile back but were disappointed with it.

Related, I switched our office to Citrix Sharefile, recently, to get rid of our FTP site. Works great, and it’s pretty reasonable. Project Management wise we are moving to Exact Synergy shortly. Pretty excited about it.

Okay so i am using MS project for very high level management, can you explain to me why you picked synergy ?

It ties directly with our ERP system Exact JobBOSS. It’s completely customizable and very powerful once you learn what you can do. It will be quite an undertaking. I start the training/transition in mid-April. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks guys - I’ve used and loved Dropbox (which seems to upload and download really, really quickly compared to Google Drive) but the GD storage amounts (and linkage to Gmail etc.) swayed me.

In terms of Project Management whatever the solution it’s got to link with Google Drive/Online storage seamlessly. I haven’t delved into them much but the companies I mentioned seem to want to replace email, really they need to link in with it as I don’t think email’s dead yet! And not many people want to throw all their eggs in one basket in case those startups fail.


Hi All,

Im not sure if this is too late a reply, apologies if so. I work as part of a design team that are often working on projects whilst being in different countries. I myself spend a lot of time in China at our factory.

We use Trello to manage all kinds of projects, you can create different boards for Graphics (packaging etc) or Product projects. Within each board you can tile projects, from there each project has “cards” specific to a certain part of a project. You can add pictures/checklists/attachments/comments and all onto each separate card.

Trello also allows you to grant access to boards for certain people, and hide them if you dont want marketing to know what you are working on for example.

Its a great piece of software, you can access it from your browser, also has android and ios apps. The thing i like most about it is it looks great. Very well layed out and graphically pleasant to work with.

I also have a dropbox folder that i share with my colleagues. So they can access it and share files wherever we are.

Hope this helps,