Google Attire

I’ve seen in the past posts that are related to what to wear to job interviews but I think this one may be a new one.

Up until this point I’ve always wore a suit and tie to job interviews. I’m only 35 but still from the old school and a suit and tie can never hurt. But I have come to a cross in the road if you will.

I have an interview at Google, a far more relaxed company than Ford and GM I have worked at. I’m totally at a lose at what to wear to this. I’ve read online that it is a very relaxed company and that many just wear khakis pants, a polo, and Ecco shoes apparently but I don’t want to come off as a slacker and not wear a suit but if I do I look ‘too’ corporate. This I feel will make them fell like I don’t fit into their culture. AHHH!!

Now this is for a senior position do you think at that level that may make a difference at all?

Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it :wink:

BTW Does anyone know if there are any Industrial Designers that work at Google right now?

My friend is going to work at Google later this year. He was an ID major. Just a dress shirt, nice pants, nice shoes. No tie. I’m in discussions with Google as well. However these are both junior positions for UX. Polo is too little, khakis are okay with a nice shirt and belt.

I’d probably dress like this, or a slight notch nicer:

Google is casual, like most West Coast companies (Nike, Microsoft…)

That said I’ve seen people wear suits who look like slobs and people who make a t shirt and jeans look red carpet ready.

Here is what I would wear there.
Button down shirt, tailored, probably a gingham or tasteful pattern.
Fitted tailored dark jeans. Nicely shaped black shoes, a nice watch. Possibly a sport coat or cardigan.

I think a suit will stick out as not a fit.

As Yo said, there’s more to fashion than just the “what”, it’s also how you wear it and the cut, materials, color. Dark jeans and a nice tailored shirt can work fine with a blazer. Accessories like shoes and watch and bags are key. There are also lots of more casual suits. I have one I’ve used for interviews at lifestyle athletic companies that is a less structured khaki 3 pc, with short cut pants, I wear with converse type shoes with no socks (clean, new shoes of course), and a relaxed cotton dress shirt that gives a chill preppy kinda style I think would also work for a Google type place.

Even a regular, trim suit with a V neck T under and a pair of nice athletic shoes or less formal shoes (vans, etc.) or dress shoes with a bit of unique style can work and not look too formal.

Either way, it is how you carry the look. If you are in a suit and look like you own it, it can work. If you look like you belong at a funeral, it works against you.


I was going to say Greenman suit from It’s Always Sunny. Bring a ball to throw at someone.

sorry it’s really late here, but normal time there, but yesterday for me, because I’m in Korea right now.

Thanks guys for all your feedback :smiley:

How did it go?

Hey Mike,

Don’t fly out till Sunday night. Bit I’ll let you guys know wheni get back. Again thanks for your advice. I spoke to one of the recruiting reps and they even said to leave the suit at home. Guess the midwest still has that old skool culture. :wink:

Let me know if you get up to SF.


Just sent you a message via LinkedIn.