Goodyear announces tires made from 90% sustainable materials

Goodyear announces tires made from 90% sustainable materials. They use soybean oil and recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Read more:


Great. Now the rodents will eat my tires in addition to my wiring harness.

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@slippyfish LOL, high protein tires! I wonder what they are doing to mitigate that if anything?

It’s insane but it’s real. Cost me over $1000 looking for electrical gremlins that turned out to be real gremlins. Maybe they can add rat poison additives to the rubber. Make it smell like cheese.

or… maybe just make it smell like something they don’t like? :wink:

Hopefully the production sidewall won’t be that … expressive.

Take no prisoners

I’d like to know how they measure “90% sustainable”.

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Good point! A little transparency there would be nice. I assume they are confident it is a legally defensible claim?

There were so many times when working on product launch copy that legal made me insert the word “virtually”… IE “works with virtually any smartphone” ….

“Sustainable” is a very fuzzy term with no legal definition. I’m happy to see tire companies pushing for more eco-solutions, but that choice of word for their claim worries me.

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I like it, but I don’t need that particular aesthetic treatment on my sidewall! :joy:

heck no… but I suppose they wanted to show it off for the product announcement.

The article does not mention how it will affect durometer. :triangular_flag_on_post:

I will put this example in my ESG Greenwashing file.

A lot of companies have been caught exaggerating how environmentally friendly slash sustainable they are in recent years.

Hence the term Greenwashing.

One also wonders why this wasn’t done in car tires say 10 years ago.

Hint: The oil industry likes to sell leftovers from the refinery.