"Good" Waterbottle

So, I’ve realized now that I am the kind of person who doesn’t mind drinking water throughout the day [it really is beneficial]… but what will get me to drink it all the more is if I’ve got a good waterbottle to drink out of. Now, I’m not really concerned about BPA-free plastic or saving the planet, but I just like having a consistent product to use.

Here’s the catch… i’m a college student. I can’t spend $50+ on a waterbottle. I really don’t even want to spend more than $20, but I am willing to pay that kind of price for ‘good’ design.

I’ve looked at the Bobble Bottle, not much of a fan and some other bottles…
I don’t like the stainless steel kind (they get too cold & sweaty, and I hate screwing the caps off).
And I don’t like the straw idea of Nalgene bottles either.

perhaps I’m being too picky, and I need to just be satisfied drinking out of a cup.
Just wanted to throw this out here & see if other people are as irked as me




These Stanley water bottles are pretty fresh. Super utilitarian.

10 bucks at Woodlands.



Kor One. About $30.


Old school classic. 32oz Nalgene in HDPE. No BPAs. Not really much sweat either. 6.95$

This has been up in my browser tabs for six months. I like that it’s glass internally, and that both ends unscrew so you can really clean it:

I like that both ends uncap for cleaning… nice.

I heard that Kor one is ridiculously heavy.

I drink tap, but I have a few Nalgene-style bottles from company promotions. I don’t really use them when I’m on campus.

The Kor bottle seems like it’s a bit much… isn’t it made up of 30 pieces?
But that bamboo one looks really cool. And yes, the fact that you can clean it from both ends is a very nice touch!
But, because it’s glass on the inside can it break easily if it’s dropped?

I like that Stanley bottle btw

I “had” a Kor One until recently.
Unfortunately it fell off my kitchen counter upon hitting the floor the plastic hinge detail that holds the lid on snapped making the lid useless.
while it is beautiful… sometimes simpler is better.


Full-on eco platform. Unscrews in the middle for cleaning, plus stacks for better shipping density. Mix and match tops and bottoms and lids for different colors and sizes. Available in ‘nude’ stainless steel and uncolored PP for you material purists. Mine has held up for 4-5 months now.

And we have a winner…

That Alex bottle looks pretty sweet.

Fits ice cubes, but not rapper Ice Cube


Takeya Glass Water Bottle w/ Silicone Sleeve - $21.50
Picture 12.png

Sigg Widemouth w/ dual tops for adding ice and regular drinking
Picture 14.png

Oh, and my favorite.
Picture 15.png

Beautiful, functional, solid, durable, affordable, holds water.

The “made in Switzerland” gets me every time. With those three words, I basically have to buy it.

This is one of the top 10 favorite products I own.

LOL, have you seen “127 Hours”? There is a line in it that cracked me up. :smiley:

BTW, a waterbottle has a big starring role in it too.

That Sigg is actually a fuel bottle. No problem using it for water as long as you never use it for fuel, but I personally find it to cumbersome to open/close.

I usually just reuse/refill a ‘bottled water’ bottle. If I wanna be fancy I’ll use one of these (the glass version):

My dad does uses that bottle too! I’ve got both of my parents hip to ID now and my dad is really impressed by that bottle.

…for whatever thats worth.