Good Thinking : Brunel Design 04, June 13-15, London, UK

Good Thinking : Brunel Design 04 takes place at Brunel University’s design school at Runnymede, London from June 13-15 2004. The show features the work of more than 130 graduating students in a range of technology-oriented design programs, with awards from industrial partners such as Autodesk, and the '04 show promises to be the biggest, best and highest profile ever. A full-color directory of the designers and their products & systems will be produced to accompany the show and distributed worldwide to act as a superlative product design resource.

Good Thinking is organised entirely by students from Brunel’s respected courses in Industrial Design, Product Design, Industrial Design Engineering, Industrial Design & Technology, and Mechanical Engineering & Design. The products & systems developed very much follow the ethos that a thorough understanding of the technological requirements and manufacturing considerations is vital for a successful product, and Brunel’s research excellence in radical innovations such as smart materials, conductive fabrics, conductive lithography, shape memory polymers and active disassembly plays a large role in the undergraduate major projects.

The show website at goes live soon; watch this space for details. in the meantime, please e-mail for more information, or for details of Brunel’s design programs, go to