Good Sustainable Product Design Schools in US/Europe

I am getting more and more environmentally concerned. Can you let me know the folowing

  1. Top SPD Graduate schools in US/Europe?
  2. How to choose a SPD Graduate school
  3. What are the typical industries that employ SP Designers after graduation.

You could look into California College of the Arts - - I visited the campus and talked with some faculty and students. They seem to have a real committment toward the sustainability approach. Their ID program has a course called “Energetics and Ecology in Design.” Yves Behar, the chair seems committed to sustainability.

Also maybe look into Western Washington University at Industrial Design | Engineering & Design | Western Washington University The ID program has a minor in sustainable design.

I’m just looking at programs myself. I get the impression that to move into sustainable design, you will need to be a pioneer and have to convince others of the value of this approach; I don’t see a lot of jobs advertised for sustainable design. Have you read Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough? Another good book is The Green Imperative by Papanek. Hope this helps some.

I came across this post searching for the same thing, a while ago Core 77 was displaying an ad about the MCAD online program for Sustainable Design, have you heard any comments about it?

I find it very convenient and so far it was the only specific course regarding Sustainable Design for graduates or in this case busy professionals. I just don’t know much about MCAD’s reputation as a Design School.