Good/stylish laptop backpack

So i’m in the market for a new laptop backpack. I’m looking for something that is functional, but at the same time stylish. Maybe a different kind of fabric, alternative to the norm colors etc.

Anyone have any recommendations?


i prefer to put my laptop in seperate case, which i can then put in any bag. This is a review of what i use, but mine is 13" instead of 15". It’s a Gecko Case, and it’s pretty good.

just been there… needed to get something quickly to carry around my new 17" workhorse.

In order of preference I was looking for : protection, comfort, appropriateness(it needs to give the right impression).

Ended up getting a crumpler ‘sticky date’, but would have loved to have found something more unique, less crumpler, more practical (rain can get in either side of the top flap), but the quality is amazing and protection really good.
It also comes with an inner padded sleeve.

For travel, I got one from REI (discontinued) that I love because it’s got three full length compartments, with the padded lappy in the back. The middle compartment is a good 6" deep, so I can throw my SLR camera bag in there. And theres a nice outer pocket for magazines, power adapters etc. Not great looking, but ideal functionality.

This comes close:

For the office, I use a Tumi Formula T Circuit:

They don’t have the cool fabrics or materials but I like the functionality of the incase line that the Apple stores carry.

Same here; I decided to get a separate sleeve because I could not find a laptop backpack that has nearly enough space to carry other things, on top of the fact that they are already bulky.

I’m using the Contour Reversible Sleeve for 13" with a hiking backpack, and the sleeve comfortably fits a Macbook, Wacom Intuos4 Small and the Grip Pen.

I have the Timbuk2 Outtawhack
Really versatile, great protection, just quirky enough, available in conservative colors, and my fave, has multiple carrying configurations: shoulder strap, backpack straps, and good ol’ handle. My only gripe- no place for water bottle. Otherwise, great bag. Holds my monster dell 17" a bit tight, but it fits.

I have a very similar bag to this from Tumi, same bottom, magnetic closure, no buckles, and no top handle, just a shoulder strap (basically a more streamlined version of the same bag.)

I have NOT been happy with it. It is a super well made bag with lots of cool design details, but it is awful hard, meaning it wont really expand to fit more stuff, it doesn’t conform to the body at all, and it doesn’t cary well across the shoulder.

right now I’m looking at something from Jack Spade.

My laptop is in a fortress,
I have a thin piece of foam I slide between keyboard and screen to prevent scratching,
Then its in an Incase 13" Macbook sleeve

Then I put it inside the 15" tougher case that comes with the larger Crumpler laptop bags

Then i slide all that inside the protected laptop compartment of my Crumpler bag.

All that protection does get a tad heavy but its fine and worth it as i no longer have apple cover for the laptop.

The crumpler bag i have is a Dark green and Orange Cheesy Disco.

This bag has lots of pockets and tones of space, when it is full its quite hard to get something out though.

p.s. my laptop is a 13" White Macbook

I bought one of those InCase Macbook sleeves for my wife. It’s white with white faux-fur(!) interior. So cool.

Yea ! My friend has the white one !
They are very good cases :slight_smile:

Just bought this guy from Jack Spade on Green St. 24 hours in, I’m lovin’ it. Dresses up and down nicely. Great features and size. You can’t go wrong with Jack. classic stuff. I want a bag I will still like in 3-5 years, nothing techy or trendy. I like that is is somewhat ubiquitous and low key like a Chuck Taylor. I got it in Navy which is not online. The tag says “Green St.” so might only be available in store?

I also looked at the Property Of bags at the Flying A store:

as well as the bags at the Token store

Head porter. horesome bags!


I’d go with the ‘Porter’ ballistic nylon or coated canvas bags.

been meaning to grab a laptop bag from belkin for quite sometime, they look real fresh

I wonder if Jesse Daniels did these?

I just looked him up, he got to Belkin at the end of 2008, so I’m thinking it’s possible, but not sure, that’d be pretty quick as there is a large line, and I think they have all been out for a bit now.

Jesse is a great kid! I worked with him at Converse. Did you two ever work together?

We didn;t overlap, but we have many mutual friends. I know he is at Belkin now, I’ll have to send him this to see.