Good Student Jobs??

hey I was wondering if anyone ever had a job as a student that they didnt mind during school? For me, I want to get into retail at a mod design shop, but you need retail experience to get retail experience, hence, I’m stuck :frowning:

Anyone care to share what jobs you’ve had??


Both waitress and cocktail waitress. Good money and only had to work a few days a week… (Friday and Saturday night.) Not ideal for the social life but I managed to date on other days when I was seeing someone.

In Chicago, there are plenty of restaurants or you can perform on the streets, or sell papers during rush hour. In Detroit… I guess opening a crack house will be the quickest way to make money :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a job in an art store, that way you can get discounts on supplies/equipment and meet funky art chix, (or guys)(…or both) so your social life won’t be hindered.
Plus you’ll be getting your retail experience.

BTW working in Mod stores usually sucks, the owners are pretentious designer wannabees and with such heavy overhead costs, salaries are low and sales expectations are high.

(while not really as prestigious as working at a mod store, the gap, or even an art store, you could also work at a big department store. These places are great for meeting people plus they are used to having students apply so that they will let you work the 5-9 shifts and weekends. and at the same time you can get discounts on threads and hang out with the girls at the MAC /Clinique counter. :wink:

I worked for one of the airlines at night on the ramp (loading & unloading planes, working air freight, cleaning and re-stocking one that terminated overnight in my city). I was considered temporary part time although I worked 36 hours a week. The pay was great! (over $14/hr in the late 70’s). I graduated with no debt and I paid for all but my last semester of college.
There were four flights a shift and my supervisor let me do homework and projects in between flights.

Working around the planes was real interesting. I even got to help “drive” planes around the airport with the mechanics when we had to move them for the overnight layover.

It sure beat the hell out of working for my family on their farm!

waitress best job

I agree.

I had a few.
Teacher’s assistant at a Junior high. Pay was great and hours were also great. Got it through university I think.
Real Estate assistant.
Mortgage Banking Office assistant. Paperwork, phone calls, loan processing, etc. Enough work to do a few days a week
Graphic Designer at a hospital marketing department
All jobs were part time with flexible hours.

I was a shop tech at the design school. Both 3D print tech as well as supervisor of the ceramic shop.

I wanted specifically these jobs because it gave me access to the shop at off hours, enabled me to work on lots of self initiated projects while I was working and helped me understand ceramics and 3D printing on a deeper level.

The money wasn’t the main reason, even though it helped of course.

Needless to say, come finals time, I became a popular guy as keeper of the 3D printing queue.
My integrity was tested numerous times with everything from muffins to free beers. All bribes were of course PG though :wink:

I moved from manufacturing to study, so my first job during uni was manufacturing gymnastics equipment. Then onto electronics assembly and hardware store. Every job gave me some knowledge related to design.

Hardware store was great for getting cheap prototype supplies, but bad because I kept spending my money on tools.

I worked in a DIY store for pretty much all of my studying. It was great. Offcuts of material, endless supplies of cardboard (great for prototyping in case you didn’t know!) and also a pretty sweet discount on hardware. As a student studying design, it didn’t get much better.

  • something else that came to my mind as I was ending this post, you got access to the latest products on the market in the forms of drills, handsaws, lighting products, furniture, the lot!!