Good source for corporate gifts

I’m looking for a good source of ready made corporate gifts (giveaways), but find everything I’ve found to be rather lame. Does anyone have a good source to recommend?

i’d likely think anyplace that offers “corporate gifts” is going to have crap. cheapo desk sets with you logo printed on them and all.

I’d recommend putting some more thought into it, and either finding some good, small product at a nice design shop (ie. DWR) that you can then do a custom package with, or have a designer create something unique such as a fresh wall calendar featuring unique graphics/illustrations. also depends what your company does…the best would be to have some sort of a fit between your brand/service and the gift.


A friend of mine used to work at Xin Dao in Shanghai…

Their design team does a surprisingly good job considering their jobs revolve around creating promotional ‘stuff’. Definitely worth a look.

At Mars we do personalized M&M’s. Ypu can also order them with your logo on them. Check-out for more details. I know it is not a flash drive or something like that but you would be suprised the reaction they get. Just wanted to throw that that thought out there.

I currently design for a company ( that makes promotional products, and know there are some nice products if you look (we are closely partnered with Xin Dao - they definitely have some good design). I once saw a guy at a trade show offering retail products that are logo’d (if that’s what you want), but some of retail is offering their own corporate gifting option now (Apple, Crate/Barrel…). We offer some brands, too.

As far as promo product design goes, it’s definitely a weird world - _uber-_traditional buyers in general, sharp price points (fairly good margins, though), and the surprisingly tough part: designing to decorate. You design a product knowing that it is going to be warehoused and brought in for a factory worker to load thousands of times a day, and you aren’t sure exactly what type of method it will be logoed (silkscreen, RF deboss, etc.), or what the logo looks like.

Anyway, like R suggests, you may be able to add some more value using ‘off the shelf’ products, or mix and match both, depending on your targeted message.

you could design and make your own offbeat corporate gifts, like the possibilities are endless.

iPod + laser etched company logo = wow

except for ruining a nice product with a logo…

personally, I’ve never understood the idea of giving someone else something with your logo on it. Why would they want to look at your logo? I know it’s for brand recognition and to remind them about you, but with most stuff, it just makes the gift worse. It’s like giving someone a wedding present of a nice silver serving dish, with a picture of your face on it…

better, i think, to give something that will make them think of you because of the gift itself. thoughtfulness and appropriateness (to both them and you), are the key, not logos.


Yes I agree.
Here are a few comments about choosing office gifts for a co-worker. It is usually tricky, as they are for people we know the least about.

I think the best office presents are those that would please and accommodate most tastes. Attention to detail, appropriateness and tastefulness are the main characteristics of co-worker gifts. This site has a lot of gift advice.

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