Good sketching pens for Copics

Hard to find some decent pens to sketch with copics. I use bic orange which is suppose to not bleed the ink but it still does. Anyone have any they find work that aren’t a gel type pen?

pilot hi tec c

Is it similar to a bic’s ink style?

nope, its a gel. You can drop a line with the high tec and come right over it with a marker and it wont bleed.
The paper does matter a bit, so you might have to test it with whatever you’re using.

Why no gels? There is nothing wrong with having a favorite tool, but I’m a big believer in being flexible and comfortable with as many medium as possible.

Pilot Razor Point.

Dude why no gels, gels are the best, i can’t sketch with those ball point pens anymore cause my hand starts to hurt after 8 hours so i use gel, fountain pens, and felt tip.