Good Schetch Tabet WUXGA iCORE7?

I use a Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 with Photoshop. A 1meter x 1meter at 200dpi takes 15 minutes to save. The cost was around $2300. I am looking for a better tablet pc at any price. (Wacom Penabled, WUXGA, iCORE7, 8GBDDR5). I have been waiting for years. Is there anything on the horizon?, available? Artists and designers don’t seem to have more then $1500. Is there any hope for the true professional? Does anyone offer anything customizable to my specs?
P.S. It is doubtful that I will sign back to Core 77. Your password requirements are too specific for my needs and I will forget.

If files take too long to save consider upgrading to a solid state hard drive. You won’t find anything faster than an i7. If you’re working with documents that are that high res a mobile HDD will never cut it.

Are you doing print work that you need that high res of a document?

And if the password is that complex you can always use a little known jewel called “save password” :wink:

Why post if you’re not coming back. Wait, why am I posting? Aaargh.