good responses to "what are your weaknesses?"

in an interview or just talking with a potential employer, how would you respond to this question while being able to pull out positives in your “weaknesses” without it sounding like complete BS (i.e i work TOO hard, i care TOO much… that kinda crap)

what are you challenges/weaknesses?

You need to be able to evaluate your skill sets as a designer and give a truthful answer. I think in general weaknesses should probably reflect skill set areas, rather then mental emotional ones. Saying “I’m too lazy and unmotivated” probably won’t go over too well. But saying something like “my form development skills aren’t as strong as I think they need to be” or “I tend to struggle with CAD modelling” can be honest as well as something that an employer says “well he recognizes an area of improvement and I’m willing to hire you as long as you focus on improving on it”

I’d ditto those comments as well. If you can come up with (honestly) some smaller things you need some improvement on you’ll be fine.

^ same as above.

I think one of the most important things is being able to say how you are improving/attempting to improve or fix your weaknesses. That shows a lot, too.

My typical response to the question was: “My greatest weakness is that I start sneezing uncontrollably when I hear these stupid standard cookie cutter interview questions pulled out of some dusty old book from the 1960’s.”

And when I hear this one “where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” I start vomiting blood profusely.

Turn the weakness into a positive.

Or say a weakness but also mention how you’re working to overcome it.

I have to commend you, I am not confident enough in my career to say something like that. I did almost fall out of my chair when reading it though.

I’ve used this “weakness” in several interviews that ask that stupid question. It’s partially the truth and it’s also a weakness that some employers will embrace with open arms:

“I’m a perfectionist and spend an inordinate amount of time sweating details. I’m trying to find the perfect balance between perfection and speed.”

They eat that stuff up with a spoon.

Good luck!


Really though, it’s best to be honest about a weakness and to demonstrate your ability to compensate for it. Saying something about how you really focus on your job and spend a lot of time at the office may sound like a good deal to them, but an HR rep may see potential relationship problems brewing (if you’re married lets say) or an inability to complete work in a timely fashion.

I know that my weaknesses relate to dealing with large groups of people on a project. I like to put as much as a I can into the design and development before turning it over to someone else. And when I turn it over, I don’t like nitpicking back and forth about nuances. I feel like getting input internally, from a client, from sales, from marketing etc. is a tough set of fences to straddle, I prefer to deal one on one and that has always had great results.

I would never say I had a technical weakness. If I had one as a designer, I would acquire the skills I needed.

I was never asked that but I would probably answer that I hate people that aren’t team players and I have a tendency to point things out to them.

I’m pretty humble so I try to let my work speak for itself.

It’s my opinion that getting a job comes down to how strong your work and your portfolio is. Build up a great portfolio that is very strong and questions like that are irrelevant.


I notice a lot of the first things that come to mind are jokes…

what if one were to answer with a joke?

For example, one pulls a Michael Scott:
“What are your weaknesses?”

“What are they? Oh I don’t know… I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering…”

Just something completely ridiculous… do you think the employer would think that immature or get a kick out of it, assuming you followed it up with a legitimate answer… haha like “I make jokes at possibly inappropriate times, such as job interviews.”

LeedyBC, great idea! Humor is important in the workplace!!

If your good at reading people, you could pull it off. Timing is everything!! :smiley: