Good Reference on Design Sketching?

Hi all,

I’m taking a first-year design drawing course, and was looking for
a book that’d be a good complement to my classes.
Could you guys suggest a book that covers design drawing
techniques (i.e. line weight, perspective, concept drawing)?
Thanks in advance.

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check out…hot off the press.

I would recommend you to look at Industrial Designer’s Guide to Sketching by Nenad Pavel

There’s always and the book “Rapid Viz”. RV is pretty dated, but seems to help alot of people even now.

I can say though that Scott’s approach on drawthru is the best I’ve yet to see, his technique is insanely accurate if you can grasp it.


I got the designsketching book. It rocks. Current and good for product.

The Gnome and drawthrough is good for cars and entertainment but not good for product.