good projects

just wondering if anyone out there have gotten any exceptionally good design projects or briefs over yere time in college.
Is there anything that stands out as a really good idea for a project?

One that comes to mind is a project that asked us to design a household item that was flat pack and could be manufactured by laser cutting.
I found it good to think of materials in terms of the processes that they could go through.
Also we had to design the branding etc.

I’m sorry my first post is me looking for something.
I’m sure it’s pretty bad manners.

Daithib, it’s not bad manners, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Most of the projects I had in University were vague, so that you could choose the object, ie, design something for the elderly etc. We were set a particularly enjoyable 1 day project to design and make a fruit holder, which produced some very interesting results. The project I wish we’d been given, which would have stood me in really good stead for industry would have been as follows:
Pick your best design so far, now remaining as faithful as possible to the original design and without compromising functionality, try to either: A. reduce the ammount of materials used by 20%, B. the time it takes to manufacture by 20%, C. the size the product would be packaged by 20%. Dependant on what you have designed, bonus points awarded if you are abe to achieve all three.

Another similar one would be: taking the flat pack household item you said you designed. Look at all the off cut/waste material that is left after its production, now design a product that can be made from this material.

Please taylor each brief as you see fit. PT