Good place for animator to work

I have this passion about animation ( games or movies).
Does anyone know where the ideal place or country to build a career in animation?

California! Game industry in both LA in bay areas. Movie industry in LA. There are some game companies located in Texas, MA IL, etc. but video games & movie industry are slowly becoming one in the same.

You can find all sorts of animation job at Animation World Network
And most of them are in the california area :slight_smile:


Find work at

Also check out They have a job board as well as a place to post your resume. Sign up is free…

I think Northern California, with Pixar on one side of the Bay Area and ILM on the other, with EA across the bay, would be an obvious first choice.

Look at - and the San Francisco Bay job listings under “art/design/media” - there are usually some 3-D animation and rendering jobs listed - albeit contract or short-term.