Good or Evil?? I can't tell anymore

I am so lost what is EVIL and GOOD thesedays.
Everyone argues that only themselves are the PURE - GOOD who deserve to goto heaven while the “others” are condemned and sinful.

I really wonder who’s who in REAL TRUTH if there is such thing anymore.

Don’t anyone blame things for themselves thesedays?
Aren’t they (so call world leaders) the one who are forcing things into oddly shaped boxes that will eventually burst open and reveal the truth at the end?
They are telling us only they are seeing theTRUTH, and they have the rights to tell us to see the world as monochromatic view as they do.
Visions are covered, laws are forced, newspapers don’t write things in truth but only to expand the Ad pages and cartoons to make us feel safe<?>

The issues are often manipulated. The blames are curved back to someone else only to avoid the negative criticism and the spotlights of the moment. The leaders only wish to be shined in the stage of glory.

The Real Idol is there–not in MTV, not in CNN, not in American Idol show, not in TIME…etc. Blah Blah…

bad day?

people do what they’ve always done. we’re all short sited idiots to some degree. A small percentage of us can see past the end of our noses a small percentage of the time, just enough to make things subtley better, usually by accident.

…not me, I’m a morAn who designs stuff, but has fun doing it at least.

it could be worse, you could be a farmer on a fuedal estate in mideval england…

I bet you wouldn’t think King Aurthur was so great, riding around the huge castle on his new white horse like an idiot, flashing excalibur in your face, asking where this season’s crops are at while you and your 6 kids eat the left over slop.

see it’s not so bad, grab a beer and enjoy the view while it lasts kid.

evil is what evil is for you,
and good is what good is for you.
don’t listen to what the world says.

“Day after day alone on the hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still,
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he’s just a fool,
And he never gives an answer,
But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning around.”

evil is what evil is for you,
and good is what good is for you.
don’t listen to what the world says.

I would agree, if killers, rapists, dictators …have never been.

Just be open minded and tolerant.
If everybody become like that, world will be a nice place to live and die in.

after all what is truth ???

it is someones perspective!!!..there is nothing real there is nothing true…

be one with your soul and do what you think is right …then that is the truth…

is that a quote from star wars episode 3? :wink: just messing around.

“It is not about fighting Evil, It is about doing Good.”

Funny that it’s not what super heros do.

that is ORIGINAL…its copyrighted!!! :wink:

Or even worse, you could be a black farmer in the not so medieval America…just messing around :stuck_out_tongue:

wats good today may look like utter foolishness tomorow… u can never judge wats the absolute good or evil… time changes everything… ppl change, perspectives change… levels of acceptance keep goin up and down…
forgivenss is always good… pursuit of perfection in whatever u do…
bout wats evil, i think if u jus try to put urslf in others shoes, u wud realise there r a lotta things u wudn’t wanna do…

reading atlas shrugged by arn rand may help you with te question you are asking. basically, be your own judge of what is right, why would you let anybody else tell you that what you think is wrong. if you find yourself asking, “who am i to know?” you are indeed lost. the people in power do not want you to think for yourself, that is why they are in power, power over people who cannot think for themselves. start thinking selfishly, think. learn.

…somebody please get the poster into his western thought classes. It’s down the hall and to the right. They are wondering where you are…