Good or bad idea?

I’m thinking of sharing my designs in a Social media site and I am thinking of doing it in a site serving around the place I live (Sri Lanka). I opened a display in the site for testing purpose to see how it works out
Here is the Display:

What do you think about this display?

Hi Dustin. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good fit. The way that site copies facebook’s template creeps me out, makes it feel like a phishing/spoofing site. Easiest way to share if you want it to be social is instagram and/or facebook. If you want to show of your work to clients though, I would go with a portfolio on coroflot or behance, OR build your own site with squarespace or similar.

I’m not sure if I can maintain my own site. Which is why I choose them and now that I used for sometime I’m kind of liking it as I get a lot of user engagement from this

Starting a sales process is a matter of building a client base, so if you can reach your preferred clients already, great!
Then you need to be able to convince them 1. of the value of your offering specifically for them and 2. to act and buy your product.
From then on it is maintaining a relationship, building ‘brand loyalty’.
Enlisting your business in directories such as your local white pages and related initiatives is also a logical step.
First though we need to know what you are trying to sell here.