Good lunch interview

Had a good lunch meeting with a prospective employer today. It’s a senior level partner track position with its share of tradeoffs and I don’t know if it’s my path, but it feels good to be in contention. Just felt like sharing.

Sounds great.

So, where did he/she take you and what did you order?

Good for you!

I was at a lunch interview once, where I was feeling like crap. They ordered for me and said something like “You gotta try this, it’s really delicious!”. There was simply no way I could finish that meal, not even half (because of stomach ache, not because of the food). Very embarrassing. Didn’t get the job. Just felt like sharing :wink:

We went to a small Italian cafe on University. Good place. I only ordered the tomato basil bisque as my priority was on conversing rather than eating and I figured a larger meal would be an obstruction to my goal.