Good Laptop for ID Students (OCAD student)

Hi all,

I was wondering what kind of laptops you guys currently
use for coursework, and if you could suggest a competent
machine to purchase. I’m starting an ID program (at OCAD)
this coming year, and am told that laptops will be mandatory starting
in second year.

Price is an issue of course, but it’s more important that
the machine can run most 3d design software fairly smoothly.
I anticipate having to use Solidworks, Formz, and Alias
on this machine. Screen size isn’t a huge deal, since
I have a nice 22 inch monitor at home. I’ll also be using
the laptop for the next 4 years or so, so it should be
something powerful enough to keep up with any
software advances, as well as take a reasonable beating.


get the best video card you can buy - this will make a big difference in the 3d world, and in most laptops you can’t change 'em.

get lots of ram or get a laptop that has ports so you can put more ram in as you go.

if you want to run alias get a pc, they dont run on macs yet i think, unless that is coming out…

you are going to need this for a least 4 years, dont be to cheap, get the 3, 4 year warrenty.

i have a dell latitude d800, its got a big screen, relatively affordable,
and runs all 3d programs fine, at the same time.