good ID mags?

what are some good industry magazines?

there are quite a few

Blueprint, ID, I-D, Design Week, Form (sweed), Form (German), FX, New Design, Wallpaper…my mind has gone black but i am sure there is more

go to a big uni liberry





round it out with Cargo

Imagine finding a long thread titled Design Magazines.

YES! Another Cargo subscriber, I thought I was the only one. Is T3 still out? Nice juicy eye candy of what’s recently come out. I’ve had a hard time finding it since I moved. And I guess I was never accepted into their subscription program, must’ve saw my portfolio, ha ha.

dude, cargo rules, its like they write each issue special for me. I’ve been a subscriber since their first issue, had to support it. It’s put out by Conde Nast so you know its good. Heard they are going to be publishing a new fine art mag geared toward those in the 25-35 metro mindset featuring young artists who don’t have enough friends in chelsea or soho to get shown. It’s allready pissing people off and they don’t even have a name for it.

I remember T3 but haven’t seen it for awhile. Maybe they folded it.

Also check Metro Pop

T3’s still around

shame Blueprint has turned into an architecture and interior mag, and Design Week, well there doesnt seem to be much concentration on evolving, just sticking with business!

I like domus, innovation, that b&w newpaper-print camping catalogue and rounding it off with playboy or penthouse… oh, man, gotta dig those curves!

I’m pretty sure I posted this before. The list includes more than ID:

American Showcase
ARCHIVE. Very creative international advertising magazine

Typography magazine (print & online)

Before & After
“…is a print magazine that helps you design pages & graphics beautifully. Its packed w/ ideas, lessons & design inspiration!”

Communication Arts
also includes the creative hot list for job listings

Computer Arts
UK magazine

Death by Architecture
Competitions, links, jobs design projects

Design Graphics online
Australian, print and online

Design Interact
Interactive Design site for Commarts

Design mags & Graphic resources
Links to design mags

Portal, design index, links directory etc. (more product design related)

Digital Web Magazine
Digital Web Magazine is an online magazine intended for professional web designers. The magazine consists primarily of work contributed by web artists and authors, as well as by others who occasionally delve into the realm of web design.

Italian architecture-product design mag… Site in English or Italiano

Dwell Magazine
Interiors, furniture, etc

Eye Magaxine
international review of graphic design (print and online)

Frame Magazine
interiors (including retail), furniture

Graphic Design:USA
featuring people, news, trends and products in the graphic design industry

Graphic Exchange
This Canadian magazine is devoted primarily to design for print, with a nod to video and the web. print/online

Graphic news, content and community. You can even post stuff and get critiqued. There are a few professionals that lurk on the list.

In print for over 50 years, it calls itself “the premier magazine covering design and graphic communications worldwide”

HOW magazine
Graphic design books, magazines, competitions and conferences

ID International Design Magazine
“I.D. Magazine is America’s leading critical magazine covering the art, business and culture of design.” Used to be mostly product design

French design magazine… I don’t speak/read french so I can’t really write a good description.

Media Inspiration
another online mag

Mostly envirnments, architecture, product

PEI Magazine
One of the world’s leading publications dedicated exclusively to electronic imaging, photography, and computer graphics, PEI delivers the latest advances in imaging technology, step-by-step downloadable tutorials, hardware and software reviews, insightful features, and outstanding images from today’s most talented digital artists.

online & print, “Plazm Magazine forms the crucible in which our ideas are generated, explored, collaborated on, crushed and twisted, reassembled and distributed. It is a biannual publication that features the work of artists, musicians, designers, architects, capitalists and anarchists, printmakers and paper shredders, snowboarders and stargazers. Our unique open submissions format, artist projects, and in-depth interviews attract participation from a wide geography and cultural perspective.”

PRINT magazine
America’s Graphic Design Magazine

core77 design magazine and resource
mostly industrial design although some graphic stuff. There are a few graphic people that hang out on the discussion list. Job postings on the site as well. Post 5 images (portfolio) for free

Austrailian product design, package design magazine

designboom, the independent voice
lots of product, design and architecture stuff

a new media culture magazine + design portal → feed your eyes!

Top for “Guest” :slight_smile:

Wow… almost all of my faves are listed already. Not really an ID mag, but very cool nonetheless is ReadyMade:

Most of them said…
MD , mobel design or something, a german mag about furniture, (always sharp edgy germany and Italian).
Stuff is a t3 style mag, and there is also all those GQ, Arena, that sorta stuff where you can see some nice lux brands, nice ads inside too.

…and don’t forget “monitor” my favorite and “icon”. unfortunately, both are pretty hard to get in the US.


Car Styling

Discover Design





didn’t see thi (but i onl skimmed)


I like Readymade too, it has lots of cool little projects. I think nobody has mentioned:

Popular Science


Yep, best one I’ve seen.

hi all,

only one (i don’t already read) that i haven’t seen mentioned is “design news” magazine. the focus is on materials, manufacturing tech, etc. generally the mag demonstrates how the latest greatest products make use of new production tech.

cheers. :slight_smile:

Great thread!