good i.d. interview strategy?

1 hr with exec designer (+ whoever shows up):

printed project booklets?
With a Laptop? Projector?
Loose pages spread accross table?
prototypes? foam studies?
from portfolio website?
with a powerpoint/flash/acrobat?

For a design consultancy, what is a good strategy for presenting work for an industrial design position? (or) What is the best you’ve seen? How would you do it?


Always K.I.S.S. I dont recommend laptops because presentations are very hard to control. Laptops are built for optimal viewing angles which means only one person including yourself can see the screen well
Projectors work reasonably well but depend on a dark room.
rehearse the presentation with a friendand this will eliminate many options.

Even if you are a web-designer printed material will work the best. It is visible in all lighting and can be shared.

Prototypes and models can be hard to handle along with your portfolio. A friend landed a job taking some finished model, but be wary.