Good examples of design for the elderly?

This seems to be an incredibly tricky subject with lots of people saying what the elderly wants or doesn’t want, how they feel, etc.

For me personally, I think most of it is rather amusing, because I had an old uncle who didn’t care for anything than what he already owned (lots of things which would remind him of his heydays), then there was my dad who usually wanted the exact same things I wanted, and my godmother who’s such a pioneer, like for example, she’s been talking about wanting a flat television she could hang on her wall since as far back as I can remember (currently, she wants me to solve the problem of opening doors in the rain while carrying groceries, so she wants me to invent a shoulder mounted umbrella or something like that… oh, and she really, really wants an iPhone even though I think most of the text is too small for her).

Anyway, examples of good products specifically designed for the elderly seem to be very rare.

I seem to remember a cutlery set design by a rather famous company that most people liked… but I can’t remember the company or the name…

Perhaps someone else knows, and even knows more such examples?


A-knopf: A-knopf | Athousandgreatideas

And the designs are out there you just have to look.

and don’t forget “If you design for the old you include the young” You can even extend this saying to: “If you design for the disabled you will include the able”

Look at the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation program.

The Arthritis Foundation created a program to encourage manufacturers to design user-friendly products and packaging. Manufacturers submit their product(s) for testing by an independent lab experienced in the design and evaluation of products that are accessible to people with functional limitations due to the effects of arthritis.

Designers, you should let your customers know about this program and design for it!

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